Tuesday, December 8, 2009

home time.

Finally back from the beach which was suuuuuper fun. In my throws of boredom I hit the op shops today and found some amazing stuff after leaving the stock to build up over a week! Shoes for $4, fill-a-bag-for-$5 deal, and a 50c rack left me with 14 items (including a belt which I forgot to photograph) for a grand total of $11.50! yipeeee!!

Pity a lot of stuff is winter weight, although I might get a few rounds with this horrible, gloomy excuse for summer weather at the moment.
Compiled a decent sized post today as I know I have been slack, should be more consistent now as I have NOTHING to do but work in my lowly retail job, read glossies and wait for my friends to come over and bring me fooooood and gossip.

OK purchases....

Oh haai absolutely perfect blue coat for 50 centssss, perfect shade and just oversized shape.

So comfy slouchy granny cardi, the holey pattern means you can't notice any wear and tear. Its acrylic but still so warm oh wellll i am pleased! Part of the $5 bag, with the sparkly, black, 80's mini dress only 50 cents from another store. Very short but very cute with its full length sleeves it all balances out I guess.

Yum yum yum red boxy jacket, 100% wool, made in Great Britain (cooool), 50 cents. You do not get this sort of quality and yummy tailoring like this anymore. The most perfect 1960s shape and seriously it is in the best condition of any vintage purchase I have ever made. ( Also has very cute golden buttons which you can't really see but make the jacket!)

Ok I know sparkles on sparkles is not the best styling here but I was outside and freezing and couldn’t keep changing ok! hahaaa but seriously cutest cropped cardi jacket thing.
The photos do not do it justice, but it is a dark cream with gold lines of stitching across the jacket /whatever. Made in Australia which is always cool, part of the $5 bag-I love!

Massive 80's tee, not that rare but I am having a polka dot obsession at the moment. This shirt buttons all the way up the back which looks like I am wearing it backwards but meh I think it is v cute. It is just such an adorable pattern!

Being a size 9 shoe it is always so hard to find amazing vintage shoes except for those ivory 80's kitten heels which are horrid after a while. I could not believe my luck when I discovered these were a size 40 and fit me like a glove yipeeowowowowoowow. They are now the cutest shoes I own, in good condition and only $4 (leather uppers, I love!)

The rest was just a few vintage jumpers which I'll photograph and post another day.
Have a lovely evening,


  1. im very jealous of your size nine shoe find.
    being a size nice, or large, i find is quite difficult to find any shoes that come close to fitting my overly large feet.

  2. Shoes are wonderful. And I really like the coats - blue and red. Even the dotted dresses are beautiful. And the sweater is amazing. Just everything is perfect ...:))


  3. That gold cardigan is divine. Although it is sparkle on sparkle the shape of the dress (and the perfectly rolled sleeves) really work with it.

    And I loved your seedy schoolies tales