Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The classics

The hardest thing about embracing fashion in this town is the stares. The judgey-wudgey stares of horror that hone in on any 'outcast' doning either high waisted denims, any androgynous wear, all black, pattern clashes, anything below the knee, vintage, oversized clothing etc etc, you get my drift. The ironic thing is that anything fashionable in.. im going to call it B town, is wholly unfashionable on a grand scale. Read: neon tracksuit pants, surf wear, stovepipes with contrasting stitching, mock american university hoodies and so on. Anything other than above mentioned garners stares that eat at the back of your head, which can discourage any bold dresser. The answer? the classics. If i'm having a particulary grumpy or self-concious day i hone in on my black brogues, crisp white shirt, houndstooth blazer, black paper bag pants and call it a day. Not overly eye catching or dramatic, but neat and stylish (spesh in black and white- my favourites!!!) with no horrid stares to boot! yipeeee!!!

I love Yohji Yamamoto's take on the classic basics for spring 2010. Gorgeous shirts, brogues and blazers offer a twist on the essentials but keep to admirable tailoring that I love, eeep!! now, where to find duplicates on a budget? RSPCA opportunity store I need helpppppppp (plus a needle, thread and safety pins to cause a stir! i mean really, if you don't get SOME stares how do you know that your outfit isn't boring?)

Wish me luck!



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