Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Wish List!

I'm an avid collector of brogues, any further explanation needed? Im pretty tall, but the small heel offers a little extra height to help grab attention from bar staff this silly season! Colour, simplicity and the shape of the toe = LOOOOOOOOOVE!!!

( OK, so this one may be slightly out of reach for a regional fashionista what of it! i'm seeing canvas plimsolls.. i'm seeing... gold spray paint...)
(Gold brogues from Phillip Lim 3.1)

Country location has hindered earlier purchase but I neeeeeeed! Huge Schuman fan and this blog has inspired outfits on numerous days of fashion-block!
( The Satorialist: Scott Schuman, Penguin 2009)

I burn, I pine, I perish!




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